Our Passion

Great advertising is not just delivering what is perceived to be a great creative idea. It is creatively presenting a case that will motivate a person into the desired action. There is a big difference. The team at the Epstein Group understands this and it shows in our work and in our success stories. We have seen where most marketing companies don’t go through the hard strategic work it takes to create a powerful brand or successful campaign.

At the start of this century, there were a lot of large St. Louis advertising firms doing great work all across the world. The agency landscape is now a microcosm of what it once was, but what happened to all that great talent? They didn’t go away and the majority are not at current ad agencies. They are on their own continuing to do outstanding work, but in a much different advertising environment.

That is where The Epstein Group comes in. We work with this top talent creating successful strategies and executions for a wide range of mid-sized companies. The thrill that is realized when we go to market with a whole new position and message strategies and see the results is what keeps our team going every day.

  • Brand analysis, strategy and development
    We have always been amazed to see even the largest brands that execute creative without a true sense of understanding what a brand represents to its customers or prospective customers. Watch TV one evening or listen to your radio while in the car or notice the print ads and you will see that there are not a lot of companies that think strategy first when developing their ads. Notice if there is a message being communicated that is intended to change consumer perception or motivate the target into a desired action? We find that most advertising lacks a great strategy. Through our extensive experience in retail, consumer and b2b marketing, the common denominator behind all the successes we have enjoyed, see case histories, has been the process we take to understand why a brand is unique and how to take the motivating attributes and turn it into powerful messages.
  • Traditional and digital creative strategy and execution, including website development, social media and digital lead generation
    Due to our unique business model, The Epstein Group clients work with the best creative talent in the area. We are not set up where the next person up does the work like at a traditional ad agency. We seek to find the best talent for the job based on experience, skill set and of course costs. Our clients have found this flexibility to be a huge advantage in getting a higher level of talent at a better value.Lead generation is a big part of what we do in the digital world and the beauty of this is that it is 100% trackable and measurable. We utilize all the digital tools to help our clients get more value out of their digital assets.
  • Traditional and digital media planning and placement
    The same philosophy holds true for the media. We work with great freelance talent and the top regional firms in the area based on the clients’ needs and goals.
  • Public Relations
    Public Relations has always been a great value for marketers who use the press to get those implied endorsements. We work with clients doing event marketing, corporate awareness programs, and media and shareholder relations.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
    TEG has had tremendous success with loyalty programs, and it again starts with doing our homework to find out what will motivate customers to do more business with a company. We have proven that loyalty programs can be beneficial in selling higher margin items, if a company has the right strategies. We have seen that a well-executed loyalty program will pay off significantly with a high ROI.