Bringing opportunities to Moto  Mart C Stores

MOTOMART Convenience Stores

TEG uncovered a big marketing opportunity and point of difference that clearly separated our client from the competition to deliver 25%-41% increase in sales over 3 years.

How did we boost their competitive advantage?

Helping the Cardinal Baseball team increase ticket sales

St. Louis Cardinals

For over 20-years St. Louis’ favorite team has come to trust the creative team at The Epstein Group as their strategic marketing partner, even when faced with unique challenges.

How did our traditional and digital marketing strategies help increase ticket sales?

Save A Lot Branding story


See why The Wall Street Journal ran a front-page, double-column, above-the-fold story on Save-A-Lot and their marketing success. The position we created was used in the headline simply telling the story, with clarity and conviction that has transformed this once sleepy brand.

How did our branding process help them tell a more compelling story?

Actionable sales building through research for Turn Style Consignment

Turn Style Consignment Stores

When the Epstein Group goes through our strategic brand research process, we don’t just present data. See how our analytical findings and insights led to actionable sales building ideas for our clients.

How the analysis and insights from our research helped this brand?

On The Run Increased traffic and sales

On the Run

In the world of convenience store retailing, location and ease of experience is king. In a market outnumbered 3 to 1 by its top competitor in terms of locations, On the Run has experienced significant inside sales increases, increased customer counts, and skyrocketing popularity under The Epstein Group.

How did we contribute to their commercial success?

Shoe Carnival strategically driven and creative marketing campaign

Shoe Carnival

Our team developed a strategically driven and creative marketing campaign where Comp sales were up 8 percent in the first year after five years of negative sales, Shoe Carnival’s stock price hit a 52-week high and the Motley Fool picked the stock as a “best buy” while mentioning our branding campaign.

How did we help this brand reverse a long decline in business?

digital lead generation program for Pro Source


TEG created a digital lead generation program for Pro Source, the nation’s largest source for wholesale flooring. Our contribution of banner ads, a landing page, and a lead-tracking system generated over 1000 leads in a 45 day period.

What did we do to help get qualified leads into their sales funnel?

Facilitated Grant Cooper Healthcare focus on a more strategic way to communicate

Grant Cooper Health Care

With a new focus on a more strategic way to communicate to two different target audiences, Grant Cooper is leading the way in executive healthcare recruiting and growing at their fastest pace ever.

How did we help them overcome competitive challenges with new brand messaging?